Extremely well organized
I am an extremely well organized individual that makes sure everything is
perfectly organized. I also take extremely good care of my property as well
as other people's property. I am also a perfectionist and everything has to
be perfect including, perfectly organized.
Excellent communication skills
My ability to communicate clearly and effectively is outstanding. I have
tutored a countless number of students while in school, so many I lost count.
After tutoring students, so many of them tell me I should be a teacher. Many
students come to me "The Expert" for help. Even a year after graduating I
still have people calling me with technical questions and problems. My place
is like a free technical support line. I can see it in their eyes that they wish
they had the knowledge and expertise that I have.
Excellent people skills
Working together with others has always been one of my strengths. In most
cases, I always play the roll of the team leader. This is probably because I'm
the one with the highest level of expertise as well as being extremely well
organized and fast at planning and decision making.
Avid Hiker that loves the wilderness
Hiking is one of my highest passions. Elevation trails are my favorite trails,
the higher the better! The type of hiking I'm into is called Backpacking.
Hiking one day and finishing it the same day is boring. I'm into long distance
hiking and camping out at night as the days pass. I have done an enormous
amount of hiking/backpacking all over Arizona, including inside the Grand