ExpertMike Hiking

The adventure of hiking high elevation trails in the mountains of Arizona and camping out on top of the mountain is something I really enjoy. Elevation trails are my favorite types of trails. The higher the elevation, the better! The type of hiking I'm into is called 'backpacking' or better described 'extended backpacking.' These are hikes that take several days and include camping out at night as the days pass. In the future I plan to do a hike that is over 100 miles in length through the Grand Canyon. The biggest hike so far I've done in the Grand Canyon was a 42 mile hike. I almost hiked rim-to-rim and back. It took 5 days, 4 nights. I have done an enormous amount of hiking/backpacking all over Arizona in multiple wilderness areas including:
Pusch Ridge Wilderness
Superstition Wilderness
Mazatzal Wilderness
Grand Canyon Wilderness.

It is truly, one of my highest passions. I also really enjoy photography.