Future Vacations

  Rafting through the Grand Canyon
     My next vacation will be an 8-day adventure, rafting through the Grand
     Canyon in the Colorado river. It starts at Marble Canyon not to far from
     Lake Powell where the Colorado river starts and ends 280 miles at Lake
     Mead. It is the only package that travels the full length of the Grand
     Canyon. This 8-day, 7 night adventure few will ever experience.
     Website: www.RaftArizona.com

 Grand Canyon National Park
     I also  plan to do a lot more adventure hiking inside the Grand Canyon.
     There are many more hiking trails I want to explorer and experience the
     adventure. Hiking inside the Grand Canyon was the best hiking I've ever
     done! Few people have been to the Grand Canyon, even fewer have hiked
     down inside. The real beauty of the Grand Canyon is down inside.
     The Trails I want to hike are:
     Tanner Trail
     Beamer Trail
     Escalante Route
     New Hance Trail
     GrandView Trail
     Tonto East Trail
     Clear Creek Trail
     Deer Creek Trail
     Thunder River Trail
     Havasu Canyon
     Marble Canyon
     Phantom Canyon
     Haunted Canyon

I already have several huge extended backpacking hikes planned inside the Grand Canyon that will take 20 days, 19 nights.
I have at least four 20 day hikes planned and each is well over 160 miles through the Grand Canyon. These will be the biggest and longest hike ever! The best hiking I've ever done was inside the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is so different than other wilderness areas. The range of scenery inside the Grand Canyon is incredible.

  Saguaro National Park
     Located in the Rincon Mountains in Tucson, AZ. Saguaro National Park has
     many high elevation adventure hiking trails reaching elevations as high as
     8,666 ft. Equivalent to over 8 Sears Towers stacked on top of each other.
     The Trails I want to hike are:
     Tanque Verde Ridge Trail
     Douglas Spring Trail
     Rincon Peak Trail
     Manning Camp Trail
     Heartbreak Ridge Trail
     Miller Creek Trail
     Cow Head Saddle Trail

  Yellowstone National Park
     Another attraction for many including myself is Yellowstone National Park.
     Yellowstone is an excellent place for hikers that love the wilderness. In this
     wilderness area there are many hiking trails for hikers and explorers.

  Yosemite National Park
     This is another beautiful National Park. For people that love the wilderness
     There are some excellent hiking trails in this national park.

Note: For hikers interested in hiking in these national parks a permit might
          be required. You can go hiking in these national parks but if you plan
          on spending the night a permit is required. Purchase a permit at the
          backcountry office or through the mail.
          www.nps.gov has all the permit request forms.

Grand Canyon National Park: 
Permits:   $10 for the permit Plus
                $5 per person per night.

Backcountry Permit Request Form:


Saguaro National Park:            
Permits:  $6 per person per night.