ExpertMike's highest passions

Working with computers
My highest passion is of course computers and technology.
Working with computers is something I really enjoy. My ability
to troubleshoot and solve computer problems is outstanding.
Many people use me as a free technical support line. People are
constantly calling me with technical questions or problems.

Reading computer books
I am a highly dedicated and self motivated individual that loves
reading computer books. My dedication to learning and mastering
the field of computer science is extraordinarily  high. I am an
aggressive studier and a perfectionist. I love learning new things
and expanding my knowledge and expertise.

Going on adventure vacations in Arizona
Hiking high elevation trails in the mountains of Arizona and camping
out on top is another thing I really really enjoy. Elevation trails are
my favorite types of trails. The higher the elevation, the better! The
type of hiking I'm into is called 'Backpacking' or better described
'Extended Backpacking.' These are hikes that take several days and
include camping out at night as the days pass. Hiking is something I
enjoy so much, I could do it for a living. If it paid good money and I
was offered a job, I think I would take it. I also really enjoy

I'm also extremely interested in mysteries. Mysteries brings life
alive and makes it so much more interesting. My favorite mystery of
all is The Lost City of Atlantis. Another mystery I find very
interesting is the sphinx in Egypt. I love watching The Discovery
Channel and The Learning Channel. This kind of stuff is all over
these channels.